Tips on Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Have you ever felt tired of all the daily repetitive pieces of work in your to-do list that you need to manage your online business? Why not explore the possibility of hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can have the skills to do the easy tasks, and the not-so-easy ones, for you. You can then use your time to do more of the high-value stuff for your business. Here’s a list of things you can keep in mind when hiring one.

Where do you start looking? Google is a good place to start, just look for their websites where they list their profiles, references, etc. is also a great place to get candidates, specially because they bid for your project and you approve their bids. An added excellent benefit to hiring on is you can clearly see all of the skills, profiles, feedback that your potential candidates have.

After you’ve gathered a number of possible candidates, it’s time to get to know them a little bit more. What most people miss out is getting references. Getting input or information from clients that they’ve worked with before makes sure that you have a good idea of what to expect with them. Ensure that they are interested in the actual task you would have them do, and that they have the adequate skills. Take a look at your requirements, and ask them if their work habits are suited to it. If all you needed was editing, then you can probably hire someone on a flexible schedule, whereas it wouldn’t work if you needed an online help desk. If the work you’ll be having them do involves information about your business which are sensitive in nature, then also have them sign a confidentiality agreement.

The last thing to talk about is salary. $10-$50 is the range where you could go – depending on what work they’ll be doing and how skilled or experienced they are. Per-project rates are also available if the work you need isn’t measured by the number of hours worked. Having several candidates also helps because you get to judge the average rate that is required for the work.

It’s quite possible to spend a long time finding that one perfect ideal virtual assistant. That’s ok – just treat it the same as if you were hiring someone offline. Just as with an offline business, you don’t really see huge empires run by just one person alone. Once you hire the one who is most suited for your needs, take care of them and sit back as they do most of the work for you. As more and more business comes in, you might want to build your team of virtual assistants, training them and eventually delegating tasks to them so that you are free to expand your business, start new ones, or just sit back relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant – Five Recommendations to Keep in Mind

Many business men search to hire a virtual assistant without genuinely understanding what they want. The outcome is that they become puzzled with regards to just what the outsourcing market affords and they wind up with a poor match. For those who are planning to employ a virtual assistant, ensure that you implement the next five guidelines:

#1: Never retain the services of a virtual assistant without a testing period. For example, let’s say you need a good monetary virtual assistant. Do not retain the first person that offers his / her assistance at the charges that you find reasonable. Give him or her a test assignment, so you’ll be able to review his capability prior to you close the deal. In this manner, you will not find yourself in an untenable situation since you selected the wrong virtual assistant.

#2 Check out the office hours he or she is ready to put in. To illustrate, let’s say you wish to hire someone who minds your “workplace” in the evening hours. In this case you need to choose people from a selected time zone. Additionally you might want to be certain that the one, two, three or four hours that he can put in per day or week are sufficient.

#3 Find out what days your virtual assistant takes off. For instance, would they work 5 days a week or six? Which holidays would they observe? Do they provide their services on Sundays, on weekends, on given holidays, and so forth.

#4 Will you be able to communicate with them in case there is an emergency? For example, should you urgently need something typed, copied, of faxed, can you get in contact with your virtual assistant also during off hours, and get the work carried out? If it’s very important to have the ability to get to your virtual assistant anytime you are going to need him, make sure that she or he is aware of and agree with this.

#5 Does his or her attitude mesh with yours? This won’t appear terribly important, but it is often important to the success of your outsourcing. The virtual assistant is your representative; therefore, she or he should have the ability to represent you and your company accordingly. Besides, you need to be capable of mesh favorably with her or him to be able to cultivate a favorable business association.

Other than these 5 rules, you additionally must check whether or not your prospective virtual assistant has ample technological support to back up your business. For example, the best scenario would be if he has a broadband Web connection, with connectivity that extends to a cell (mobile) phone, so that you can stay in contact as frequently as needed.

It’s not troublesome to decide on the right virtual assistant if you employ these five tips to the task. Never be reluctant to pay the customary charges to a deserving virtual assistant. Bear in mind, their help will make it possible for you to grow your business in the most effective method, provided that he or she is content with their salary.